Inspired by our Passion

Our Story

Summer Travel Costa Rica is a company founded by two Costa Rican partners, since the beginning of 2010 we started our operations in Costa Rica, we promote sustainable tourism and social responsibility for all our direct and indirect employees, after 10 years in the market we expanded to regions like Cancun, Mexico City and Bogota.

One day tours in Costa Rica

Summer Travel Costa Rica offers the most unique and exclusive adventures From San José City. We are always striving to create the newest and most innovative tours in the country.

Plus we are the direct operators of our own services. This is actually fairly unusual in the travel and tourism industry

New values

Focus on the product

  • We choose the services with the best value for money and in the client’s language.

We accompany the client

  • 24/7 multi-channel support before, during and after the trip.

We are simple and straightforward

  • We make life easier for both the clients and ourselves.

We strive for excellence

  • Continuous improvement of both the website and internal processes.


  • Inside and outside the company, inspiring customers, partners and suppliers.


Commercial Precence

We have connections with companies around the world and work with the most important travel websites in 57 countries.


Transport units

We strive to maintain a fleet of new vehicles


Directly operated destinations

We offer directly operated services, with logistics that will save you money and use your time efficiently



Since 2010 we have a record of more than 29000 satisfied customers.


Consolidate ourselves as the Receptive Tour Operator and DMC of Costa Rica most recognized for its reliability and professionalism.

Corporate values

Innovation / Pro activity / Vocation of service / Responsibility / Excellent personal relationships / Passion for what is done.

We invite you to visit our One Day  tours from San Jose.

If you want to know the comments of our company we invite you to visit our profile in TripAdvisor so you can read relevant information about us.


Since the beginning, Summer Travel resolved to develop a business that operates hand-in-hand with the environment, guaranteeing its conservation.

Sustainable development aims to fulfill society’s current needs without compromising the right of future generations to meet theirs. Thus, a country should not excessively exploit its resources (natural, cultural, social) to cover its present population’s needs (food, housing, health, employment) because these are the resources future generations need to survive.

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