Tours From Liberia

Tours from liberia: It’s nearly impossible to get bored while visiting this part of the country. Liberia’s location provides travelers with easy access to beaches, mountains, rivers, rainforests, ranches, and even an entirely different country. What you end up doing depends on your interests and the amount of free that you have. You can get as daring and adventurous as you want, or else take things down a notch and engage in some real time relaxation. The choice is yours.

Adventure buffs will have their hands full trying to decide what to do first. If you’re in the mood to get wet and see some nature, try out one of the river rafting trips down the Tenorio or Corobicí rivers. If that doesn’t hit the spot, head to the Barra Honda National Park and explore the exquisite world of underground caves. These limestone caverns extend deep into the Earth’s surface (in some places as far down as 787 ft.) and sparkle as light refracts off the calcium-formed stalagmites. More traditional forms of fun include horseback rides across the beach, canopy tours through the rainforest, and hikes within one of the many volcanic national parks (Rincón de La Vieja, Arenal, and Miravalles). In one tour you can even test your skill as a cattle hand and spend the day learning how to ride horses and lasso, rope and tie calves.

On the other end of the spectrum are activities that are slower-paced and often quite relaxing. You can spend the day soaking and unwinding at the Tizate Wellness Gardens or else enjoy a massage at one of the area’s spas. A slow float down the Tempisque River allows for ideal nature observation, as does an early morning bird watching trip. Cultural activities include a tour of the town of Liberia and even a one-day outing to the historical Nicaraguan city of Granada. During these, you’ll be led down century-old streets and visit important cultural attractions including churches, plazas, and restaurants.

Needless to say, there is something for everyone here. If you’re running low on time, however, and are looking for a way to explore several of the aforementioned activities more quickly, a combo tour could be perfect. These tours combine several exciting activities – such as canopy tours, hanging bridge walks, and spa visits – into one day.

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