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Cancellation of reservations:

One day tour: Free cancellation 24 hours in advance.
Packages: Free cancellation with 24 hours in advance.

Personalized services:
Vacation or personalized packages: Cancellation or modification is allowed free of charge with more than 14 working days in advance.

13 business days in advance: A cancellation penalty of 10% plus penalty is charged by external companies, hotels, operators, airlines, carriers.

Payment by card

Summer Travel L.T.D accepts; Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and American Express.

A confirmation will be sent by email to the email address provided by the bank and a copy will be sent to the reservation holder.

Important: The credit card used must belong to one of the people using the services since a photocopy of the card and a valid ID with clients upon arrival at their destination will be required.

Notice; Once the reservations have been confirmed there is a charge of US $25 to modify the reservations.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide through this medium or any method of official contact is and will be classified, so our company is committed to safeguarding user data safely.

These data will be used only and exclusively for the uses that the user preauthorizes, confirmation of services, cancellations, payments, or complaints.

Our policy of respectful service.

We reserve the right to cancel at any time the activities, services or reservations of any user who adopts a disrespectful attitude towards our employees.


The foreign citizen must have a valid passport. It is the responsibility of all travelers to obtain the appropriate information and documentation. Summer Travel L.T.D and its agents do not accept any responsibility for changes in documentation requirements or for any exit or entry denials.

Passengers denied boarding due to lack of documentation will not receive a refund. Cancellation policies apply to cancellations due to incorrect documentation.


All travel times are based on the best information available at the time of confirmation. Due to the nature of international travel changes to schedules and itineraries may be necessary and may also prevent the inclusion of some activities. We do not accept responsibility for accidental losses or expenses due to changes or delays in airlines or hotel overbookings, defaults, weather, strikes, illness, war, riots, or any other non-caused causes within the power of  Summer Travel L.T.D, all these losses or expenses are the responsibility of the passenger.


All travel documents issued by Summer Travel L.T.D are subject to the terms and conditions of the provider. The passenger accepts that Summer Travel L.T.D., and its agents, affiliates, employees, are not responsible for any damage or loss suffered. All participants, with express waiver of any rights that one may have against Summer Travel L.T.D., and its agents, officers or employees caused by the negligence of these persons in relation to the above. In no case shall Summer Travel L.T.D.. be construed as a common carrier under contract for the safe passage of the passenger or for the luggage and/or belongings. By registering for the tender and payment of any and all participating services you agree to accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Website.